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Persian Kittens For Sale

I believe that physical and emotional contact with my kittens is extremely important for growth and development. Early cuddling, gentle petting, and kisses helps them bond well with humans, allowing them to grow up feeling safe and secure with their family. I play with the kittens with a variety of toys to stimulate their minds and help them develop good motor skills. ( Persian Kittens for sale )

My kittens are healthy and standard Persian size. I do not inbreed or line breed. I DO NOT ever have “Tiny Persians”. Since these cats are bred to be small, their chances of experiencing health problems only increase. I breed because I love Persians and finding families to adopt them. I follow the Tica Breeder code of Ethics, Tica Cattery Standard Minimum Requirements, and the Ten Commandments of Responsible Pet Ownership.

Being a small hobby breeder allows me to better care for my kittens and give more attention to my customers. When one purchases a kitten from my cattery, you can expect pictures along the way of their growth and progress until they’re ready to join your family. I care very much about each kitten’s placement. Your new fur-baby will come with his/her age-appropriate vaccines, a health guarantee, and a complementary care package. ( persian kittens for sale )

persian kittens for sale

Persian Kitten’s Health

The typical Persian lifespan is 10-15 years. As with any breed, Persian cats are susceptible to certain health problems, and they do have a number of potential genetic health issues that potential owners need to be aware of two common ailments in Persian cats include progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) and polycystic kidney disease (PKD). PKD is an inherited disorder that causes small, liquid-filled sacs in the kidney tissue that grow and multiply over time, eventually leading to kidney failure. PRA is a genetic eye disease in cats where the cells of the retina deteriorate over time and eventually lead to blindness.
Eye and dental problems are also an issue for Persian cats, according to the American Animal Hospital Association, especially those with flatter faces and short jaws. Regular attention to these areas will keep your cat in better health.
And like other cat breeds, Persian cats should be spayed and neutered, and should never free roam outside without close supervision. 

persian cats for sale


We are a TICA registered small cattery offering beautiful doll faced Persian Kittens for sale and we will provide a health guarantee for your kitten.During the 12 weeks your kitten spends with us, we provide them with two visits to the vet and they receive all their core boosters FVRCP , both FELV boosters, and rabies. Families are responsible for for the ongoing protection of their pet with annual vet wellness and vaccinations. When I look for families, I try to help to gain an understanding of their willingness to make a lifelong investment in the love of their pet. If cost is the only decision making factor, then I know they aren’t a fit. The care of a Persian Cat for sale over a lifetime can be very costly. The time and money invested in proper feeding, grooming, sitting and health care can be expensive. I recommend pet insurance to help protect your cat.

At Marko Persian Kittens, we want you to know that we understand how special it is to find the perfect addition to your family. The Persian kittens our cattery have been given healthcare and lots of love so they are prepared to make an easy transition into their new homes. Our Traditional Doll Faced Persian Kittens are truly a part of our family before they join yours In choosing a new family we strive to connect our kitties in a loving healthy environment. Our kittens are never in a cage and live the good life with a beautiful nursery. With live kitty cams, and weekly updates from me, you never miss out on the first 12 weeks. I spend this time socializing your kittens as well as getting to know you!




Fun Facts of Persian kittens

Besides Queen Victoria, Persian cats have always had adoring fans from all walks of life. English statistician Florence Nightingale is reported to have had over 60 cats in her lifetime, including many Persians.
Other past and present  Persian cat fans include Martha Stewart, Giorgio Armani, Elizabeth Taylor, and Freddie Mercury. ( persian kittens for sale )
One of the most famous cinematic Persian cats was Mr. Tinkles, who appeared in the 2001 movie Cats & Dogs. This villainous character was voiced by Sean Hayes and appeared in the 2010 sequel, Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore. 

Quick Tips About Persian Cats

Here are more tips to help keep your Persian cat in top shape:

  • Persian cats can have excessive tearing, which can cause staining. It’s important to wipe under their eyes each day with a cotton ball or soft cloth to help avoid black or brown smudges from forming.
  • All cats need to have annual check-ups. This can help your veterinarian detect health issues in the early stages when they can be easier to treat. Need a veterinarian for your cat? Use our Vet Finder to locate one in your area.
  • Be sure to brush their teeth regularly and schedule an annual cleaning at your veterinarian’s office. Unhealthy teeth and gums can lead to big problems, like infections that can affect the heart.
  • Provide your cat with interactive toys to help them get exercise and avoid boredom. Persians are notoriously laid back, but a little catnip or catnip-filled toy can help get them moving.
  • Is your Persian cat scratching the furniture? Put out a safe and sturdy scratching post. If your cat isn’t interested in the post, spray it with some catnip, which you can buy in liquid form online or from a local pet store.
persian kittens for sale

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Persian kittens friendly?

Persian cats are friendly, sociable and can be very loving. They enjoy snuggling up with their favourite human and many have a very laid back and relaxed nature. This is definitely a cat that looks forward to you getting back from work so you can pay them some attention.

Do Persian cats get attached to their owners?

Persian cats are a very affectionate breed and aren't afraid to show affection to the people that they love and trust. They usually get along well with children, pets, and even guests. Quite sociable, but never the life of the party, Persians make for an unassuming and perfect feline companion.

Why do Persian cats not meow?

Though they usually aren't overly vocal, a Persian that meows at night or early in the morning could mean that it wants some food, but if the cat bowl is full and it just wants attention, ignore it. If you refuse to respond, the cat will learn that meowing will get it nowhere.

Are Persian kittens cuddly?

Even if the Persian Cat appears to look a little grim with its characteristic face shape and small nose, however, they are actually very friendly and extremely cuddly cats. The relaxed and balanced nature of the Persian cat makes the animal the ideal companion, who feels completely comfortable as an indoor cat.

Can Persian cat be left alone?

Unlike most pets, they are also not overly demanding so they're quite happy to be left on their own, but not for very long periods of time. This means they work better than most breeds for someone who works out of the house but leaving them alone for many hours is still not recommended.

How do I bond with my Persian kitten?

Talk to them during feeding or playing, so they associate the sound of your voice to pleasant experiences. Start slowly, and wait for your cat to come to you — no grabbing. If they seem open to it, offer your hand for a sniff or rub. Try a few chin scritches, then move on to longer body strokes.

Our Happy Clients

Thank you to Marko Persian Kiteens for our little boy Titti. From the first contact you have been brilliant with us. Keeping us informed on Titti’s progress and the continuation of advice and support as he settles in to his forever home. We have had him now for a week and a half and he is doing brilliant. He loves cuddles, play and is very funny. This is a testament to yourselves and your love in what you do. We highly recommend yourselves and if we decide to look into a buddy for Titti, we certainly know where to go. Thank you for everything.
This is my beautiful Coco. I couldn’t ask for a better kitten. Thank you, Marko. He is perfect! Healthy, jumpy, sweet, clever … and really gorgeous! And you guys raised this kitten so so well. I am so pleased about your job. I can see how much care you have for your Persian cats. It shows it by looking at my Persian!
We can’t recommend Marko Persian Kittens enough. Our beautiful kitten, Rosie, has only been with us for two days and has taken no time at all to settle in her new home. She is confident, cuddly, playful and extremely sociable. We have taken her to our vet for her health check which she passed with flying colors and our vet commented on the excellence of her breeder. She is the perfect family pet and we are absolutely delighted. Thank you Marko, we are besotted.
Marko Persian Kittens are the kind of breeders one can only dream about. Caring, supportive, informative. You can feel they really love their Persians and our boy came to us well trained, behaving brilliantly, all medical things taken care of as well as legal. It is our first pet and we are already considering getting another one from Marko Persian Kittens. We’re totally charmed by Marko Persian Kittens
Ray Lee
I want to thank Marko so much for letting us have one her kittens. Cleo has settled into our home so well and is so friendly and affectionate. She loves cuddles and loves playing. She is very sociable, which is a testament to the upbringing and care that Reena has given her. She has beautiful rosettes and a glittery coat, absolutely lovely. Marko’s communication with me, from the initial inquiry to when she came home, has been excellent, updating us with photos and information. It is obvious just how much Marko cares for his kittens. We are delighted with the new member of our family.
We have acquired our very first Persian Kitten from Marko Persian Kitten, having been recommended by a friend. We can’t speak highly enough of the service that Marko provides. Our kitten, Doolally, is an absolute delight – affectionate, well socialized and litter trained. Marko’s advice is very comprehensive and he thinks of everything. If you do need any clarification or are unsure about anything, he responds very promptly. Marko combines friendly approach ability with enormous knowledge about the breed. We are very glad we found him and his Persian cats!

Purina ONE True Instinct Protein Cat Food

When it comes to keeping costs down, it’s hard to get cheaper than Purina. That’s why our pick for the best cat food for Persian cats for the money is Purina ONE True Instinct. Purina ONE is Purina’s limited ingredient diet, and their True Instinct sub-brand is the high-protein version of the food. Purina ONE True Instinct features a cost-effective high-protein diet with real meat as the first ingredient on the list.

While the food does reach all of its numerical benchmarks, there is a reason why it is so cheap. The food does have a lot of low-quality ingredients, and meat by-products are the second most prominent ingredient. Still, if you’re on a tight budget, this food has all the numbers in the right places to help your cat thrive and live a long, happy life with you.

GO! Solutions Skin + Coat Care Cat Food

GO! Solutions by Petcurean is our choice for the best premium cat food for Persian cats. GO! Solutions aims to solve the problem of the lack of formal education that’s put behind the recipes we feed our pets.

GO! Solutions’ recipes are made with the guidance of Dr. Jennifer Adolphe, a Ph.D. holder in companion animal nutrition. This expertise is reflected in the formulation of their recipes and higher price point.

GO! Solutions features high-protein and low-carbohydrate contents in their foods which our cats will thank us for. Their Skin & Coat Care blend is perfect for keeping your Persian’s coat smooth and silky on top of providing excellent nutrition.

4. Solid Gold Indigo moon High Protein Chicken Dry Cat Food

Solid Gold cat food has been on the market since 1974 and garnered a lot of support for its unique and species-appropriate formulation. Their pricing is competitive for the quality of the food they bring to the table, and they offer a wide variety of options for cats, including weight control and non-GMO blends.

While they offer various cat options, their Chicken and Egg blend features high-fiber ingredients that can help your Persian with hairball control. However, this blend is not pea-free as the primary fiber source for the combination is peas. So, pet parents who have their cats on a pea-free diet will want to pass on this one.

5. Wellness CORE Protein Chicken Pate Canned Cat Food

Wellness CORE is a high-protein vet-recommended diet that cats love. CORE is Wellness pet food’s high-protein specialty food, and its kibble and wet foods are packed with nutrients that your cat needs to thrive.

Wellness CORE comes with a higher price tag than most other foods, making it hard for pet parents to justify taking the plunge on the purchase, but Wellness CORE brings all the stops to the table for the pets who love their food and the parents who buy it.

Wellness CORE has also launched their Digestive Health line for pet parents of cats with sensitive stomachs or battling hairball control. A line that’s perfect for the Persians of the world who need the extra fiber in their diet to help with the hairballs.