persian kittens for sale


We are long established registered breeders of over 10 years. All our kittens are bred from top quality bloodlines and are health tested clear for PKD and PRA. We don’t sell our babies underage and they only leave us after a full course of vaccinations, 3 veterinary health checks, neutering and micro chipped, so everything is done for you. This also protects our babies from back yard breeders and pet people using our cats illegally for breeding. We take great pride in selectively breeding healthy, calm, affectionate, socialized and gorgeous Persian kittens. As a highly reputable CFA cattery, breeding only healthy Persians from the very best – top bloodlines. We take great care to ensure our breeder Persian cats are PKD, FIV, FeLV tested and ringworm free. Persian Kittens for sale


persian kittens for sale

Our Persian felines are fed a high quality diet, necessary feline formulated vitamins, mineral supplements and provide plenty of daily attention, kittens care and grooming  Here at Marko Persians our cats and kittens are happy, sweet love bunnies therefore, well socialized Healthy and exquisitely beautiful and unmatched in the Silver Doll Face Industry. Specializing in CFA Persian kittens meeting the breed standard with several coat colors and coat pattern – shades




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Marko Persian Kittens wants you to be happy with our kittens. We guarantee NO problems, and offer this health guarantee. When our kittens are six weeks old we have all kittens examined by a licensed Veterinarian. Due to immunization controversies, we no longer immunized our kittens, We leave that up to the new pet parents to do if they wish. We do provide a schedule of immunization recommendations. We keep detailed records of exams and kitten development, and provide it along with a Health Certificate from a licensed Veterinarian, along with Persian Kittens written Health Guarantee to new pet parents.  Persian Kittens for sale


All kittens come checked by a licensed veterinary and age appropriately vaccinated. In addition, every Treasured Kitten comes with our personal Health Guarantee. Kittens are usually available at 10-12 weeks. They will also have had a couple of baths, manicures, and lots of practice using a scratching post. Our goal is to have your baby fully socialized! Persian Kittens for sale

Getting Ready For Your New Persian Kitten For Sale

If you just purchased a Treasured Kitten, then you will want to start preparing for your new baby’s arrival. Below you will find information on feeding, drinking water, vitamins, litter, toys, scratching, grooming, shampoo and eye cleaning  

1. Food: Make sure you have the correct food as any sudden change of food will upset your Persian kitten’s belly.  Your kitten is currently eating Life’s Abundance all stage cat food.  . Formulated with vitamins, minerals, and other trace nutrients, Natural sources of soluble and insoluble fiber.  It is a nutrient dense food with high quality meat proteins and NO by-products, corn, wheat, gluten or soy. NO artificial flavors, colors, sugars or chemical preservatives. Their foods have never been part of a recall and I believe this to be one of the best food on the market. Persians have a very delicate digestive system and ours are accustomed to this food, therefore it is important to continue feeding this food in order to avoid an upset stomach.

2. Vitamins:  To keep your Persian healthy, please give daily vitamins available from Nu Vet Vitamins. Start by using ¼ of the recommended amount by 6 months ½ full scoop by 1 year of age.

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3. This litter is biodegradable, nontoxic, and helps prevent kidney failure and urinary tract infections. Although there are several different kinds of Precious Cat Litter, I prefer the Senior mix as the particles are small which works with kittens.

4.4.Toys: The cats love many different types of toys, but they really enjoy any type of battery-powered toy, action toys, Wacky Mice, and little jingle balls. They also enjoy the Cat Sitter videos available from the Home Shopping Club. Laser lights and pin flashlights are great for a time of play.

5.Scratching:   Personally we have found that we do not need to de-claw. You can find many wonderful cat trees and condos from our site at a great discount. Our cats really enjoy Turbo Scratchers, just sprinkle a little Cat-Nip onto the pad and the cats will go crazy on the Scratcher, not your furniture! Any of these things are available at Wal-Mart or Pet Supply Stores 


6. Grooming: Persians do not require as much grooming as you might think. Our routine includes a daily brushing & weekly nail trim. We do eye wiping and baths when necessary and our Persians stay beautiful and healthy. For all our grooming needs we use Castle Bath Natural Pet Products.  Please click here   Shop Now! to order grooming products for your new baby. Sorry, internet orders only. Shampoo: For your baby’s first bath please consider the Shampoo and Conditioner set with instructional DVD.  To order click here Shop Now! Eyes:  To clean their eyes we use Castle Baths eye cleaning system



The prices for pet kittens start at $989. (excluding shipping costs).  Prices are subjective based on sex, color, size, type and eye color. However, if transportation is needed, I can arrange a nanny service that can hand carry the kitten using an approved airline from DFW to your designated major airport.


We are delighted to choose and bring your new kittens to you and help them  get accustomed to a new family . We are also glad to advise our customers on all matters. The main aim of our company is to take care of our furry friends by matching them with a perfectly loving home. We pride ourselves in finding the best cats for our clients in the most hassle free way possible. Let us help you find your most desired companion!